The idea that civilizations improvement from the state that was simple to a more advanced one is a fallacy… If one… discusses results and the historical references using an impartial brain, what one encounters is civilizations which used very sophisticated technologies. We also encourage people to develop a cap in pyramid form and place Mu metal foil and alluminium foil externally to protect against agate the melanoma ELIZABETH T F column assaults of the National Security Firms Lacrosse satellites and against melanoma micro-wave light (Atlanttean Power Helmet). To show your place in to an Orgone production center that is therapeutic set metal buy an orgone pyramid from africa dotnet and foil around the walls and limit, with a minus sign in between orgonise.

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An everyday square pyramid is dependent upon its medial right triangle, whose tips would be the pyramid's apothem (a), partial-starting (w), and top (h); the facial skin inclination angle can be noted. A pyramid when the apothem (inclination top along the bisector of a face) is equal-to Phi situations the partial-platform (half the bottom size) is sometimes called a fantastic pyramid.

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